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Frock n Troll

(Folk Rock Traditional Roll)

present original songs and tunes with a nod to the tradition music that inspires them.

Gus and Sherri Olding are the original Frock ‘N Troll (Folk Rock Traditional Roll). For nearly thirty years they have been

playing both together and seperately with many bands and musicians including Parmys Woolshed Band,

Steve Prestwich, Tony Martin Band, Serendipity, Geoff Harvey, Owen Blundell, Graham Rodger, Flats and Sharps, Ronnie and Leanda Milliner and many more.

They have played all up and down the East Coast of Australia and now enjoy a much quieter existence on the Monaro.

Gus is a well known and respected fiddler whos Sambuca-fuelled passion for performance is as legendary as it is genuine and rare. From the fast and furious to the haunting and evocative, Gus's love of a good tune has seen him perform show stopping versions of Orange Blossom Special and Ashoken Farewell. He is a consumate entertainer in the truest sense of the word and has, in the immortal words of Josh Cunningham of The Waifs, “Played to crowds of thousands, played to one or two, played in festivals and pubs, loved and hated what we do.”
And he’s not a bad bloke either.

Sherri thinks she is first and foremost a woodwind player. However, having abandonded conservatorium studies at twenty one because she was “not going to ram that shit down kids necks!” she discovered Pink Floyd, the guitar and Gus. Here started a passion for song writing, singing and a rollicking good tune. She joined Gus in their first joint venture dubbed Revenge of the Underground and they pursued their love of folk music and a bloody good yarn. She penned the award winning "Song about Jim" in 1996, and has run many songwriting workshops at festivals and folk clubs since. Ironically, she now works as a primary school teacher and conducts the school band. Sherri is a multiinstrumentalist, with a flare for harmonies and a powerful lead vocalist.


Weddings, Parties, Anything, Mick Thomas, Paul Kelly, Bush Wackers, The Waifs, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bernard Fanning, The Waterboys, traditional Australian and Irish Music and heritage, the beautiful place we live and the special people we share it with.

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